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Name: Vickie
Age: 14
Location: new york
Sexuality: Female
Relationship Status: Single
Star Sign: Libra
-Things You Like-

Three favorite movies: happy gilmore, a walk to remember, now and then.
Three favorite books: to kill a mockingbird, a walk to remember, swallowing stones
Three favorite bands or singers: brand new, taking back sunday, matchbook romance
Favorite color: blue
Favorite animal: theres a few
What’s your favorite board game?: monopoly!

-Your Views On..-

Pre-marital sex: if you really love the person and that person loves you then you can both wait.
Gay marriages: i think that it's totally up to the two people. if they love eachother let them get married. people honestly don't have a say in these peoples lives.
Abortion: it is completely wrong. if you didn't want a baby, why did you have sex? k thanks.

-Random Things-

What do you want to become (*like what do you want to be when your older*) and why: um at this point there are a few things, doctor maybe cause i would like to help people
What are your pet peeves: ah when people TyPe LyK DiS and think it's cute.
Name one thing you like about either yourself: my eyes
Name one thing you don’t like about yourself: my legs =(
Why do you want to be a member or vanity_vixens?: because i've always wanted to join one of  these rating community things plus the mod is one of my lj friends and i love her <3

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yes-- i hafta tell you - matchbook romance is a definite plus.. those guys are from my hometown and went to my high school!!~ I can't believe you like them ;)
thanks! omg that is so cool, they're from your hometown! ah i'm so jealous! <3<3
of course your accepted =]