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Am I A Vixen?


Age: 16
Location: Chicago
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken <3
Star Sign: Cancer

-Things You Like-

Three favorite movies:
Thirteen, Coyote Ugly, Almost Famous
Three favorite books: The Five People You Meet In Heaven, To Kill A Mockingbird, With Their Eyes
Three favorite bands or singers: Brand New, Matchbook Romance, Allister
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite animal: Porcupine
What’s your favorite board game?: Monopoly

-Your Views On..-

Pre-marital sex:
It`s your own decision.  Just be smart about it and if you aren`t capable of being smart about it, then deal with the concequences of your actions.
Gay marriages: 100% for.  Marriage should be based on love.
Abortion: Against it except in cases of rape and incest.  If you made the decision to have sex, deal with the concequences of your actions.

-Random Things-

What do you want to become (*like what do you want to be when your older*) and why:
A psychologist because I love helping people with their problems.
What are your pet peeves: People who pop their gum
Name one thing you like about either yourself: Eyes
Name one thing you don’t like about yourself: Hair
Why do you want to be a member or vanity_vixens?: Because it looks like a really awesome rating community and I could do a lot of promoting.

Now post atleast 4 clear pictures of your face




Second from left

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