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Name: Doug
Age: 15
Location: wm
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single
Star Sign: dont believe in that

-Things You Like-

Three favorite movies: finding nemo, the skulls, pirates of the carribean: curse of the black pearl
Three favorite books: captain unpants series.. lol
Three favorite bands or singers: linkin park, yellowcard, blink 182
Favorite color: i have 2 colors.. red and black
Favorite animal: dog
What’s your favorite board game?: sorry

-Your Views On..-

Pre-marital sex: i was taught its wrong..
Gay marriages: its freakin wrong!
Abortion: its freakin wrong!

-Random Things-

What do you want to become (*like what do you want to be when your older*) and why: i dont know yet...
What are your pet peeves: certain kinds of ppl
Name one thing you like about either yourself: my personality.. and how i can help ppl if they need it
Name one thing you don’t like about yourself: sometimes annoyin but i try not to be
Why do you want to be a member or vanity_vixens?: cuz tears_of_orange is one of my GREATEST friends in the WORLD!! :-D.. and plus i think u told me to join

bein sat on all the way on the left.. (only guy)
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